Today I am going for a walk


Dear Diary,

We are nearly mid-way through autumn and normally it’s one of my favourite times of the year. The nights are getting cooler, mist falls into the valleys in the morning and leaves start falling in a mix of brilliant autumn colours. Usually it’s a time for long walks in the park, looking forward to Easter with family and Anzac Day. Even though skies are blue, we find ourselves locked up indoors. Afraid to cross the path of another human being even when we do go out. Fear is a powerful weapon, but at the moment we have to put our trust in elected leaders that have proven to be anything but trustworthy in the past. It makes sense to stay at home, where we feel safe. The numbers are truly horrifying as we read daily of exponential growth. Where is the technology to combat this? Surely we have scientists working around the clock to come up with a vaccine? Why not? Is this virus so intractable that we can’t find a cure? Or does it reflect a lack of past government investment in medical research? Sitting in my bedroom is not going to solve this. Today I’m going for a walk, emerge from hibernation and breathe the fresh air and remember to smile. See you in the sunshine, but only from a distance.

Molly xx

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